As a clinic, use the potential of your health data

Digitalization without vendor dependency – with the HIP CDR

Set the course for a future where you have full control over the data in your hospital.

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With the HIP CDR you have full controll over the health data in your hospital

vitagroup's HIP Clinical Data Repository (HIP CDR) is the central data storage that separates your data from the applications. With the HIP CDR you can use your data without conversion in all systems - independent of their vendors. 

Get to know how you can use HIP CDR to create the optimal conditions for digitalizing your hospital.

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Free your health data with the HIP CDR

  • Enable true interoperability
  • Gain full control over your data
  • Start simple and build your open digital ecosystem step by step

Finally acting innovatively

Due to the open, highly structured and standardized data storage, you are finally able to act in your digitalization projects. 

Finally using the advantages of digitalization

Open, highly structured data will enable the use of technologies such as Clinical Decision Support and Artificial Intelligence in the future.

Finally stopping the frustration

The HIP CDR increases the availability and usability of healthcare data. This makes work easier for caregivers, management, and IT professionals at your healthcare facility.

The benefits for your hospital of tomorrow

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Store your health data 
neutral. highly-structured. interoperable

HIP CDR is the flexible and investmend – proof foundation for your digitalization strategy. With that, your are prepared optimally for all future exigencies – without risikng to abandon your established system landscape. 

Free yourself from the dependency of your software vendors. Choose new software solutions "best of breed" and replace existing ones in a lightweight way. For the best digital solutions, e.g. for your KHZG projects.

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Digitalize your medical processes 
controlled. transparent. future-proof

The HIP CDR integrates easily into your existing system landscape. Based on open standards and interfaces, it serves as central hub for your current and future processes and applications. 

Create THE central process and integration level now to securely control and manage processes in a digitalized world at any time.

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Solve regulatory requirements.  
interoperable. flexible. proactive.

The Government is placing increasing responsibility on hospitals: with legal requirements such as the KHZG, ISiK or the Interoperability Governance Ordinance. At the same time, the technical and political framework conditions are constantly changing.   

Gain the flexibility to meet all requirements cost-effectively with HIP CDR. Inspire your patients, too, with ever better digital offerings.

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Put your trust in a strong partner.  
experienced. stable. fair.

From interoperability experts to developers, data protection experts to medical professionals: The vitagroup team is happy to take responsibility for joint projects and is personally available for you. With more than 20 years of experience we are always at your side as a reliable partner. 

Benefit from our competence and openness. For you, we go one step further than others: The core of our solution is open source. With us, you will never again become dependent on a software vendor.

Your key features at a glance

Up to 100% eligible for funding under the KHZG.

With the HIP CDR, you are optimally prepared to meet all the requirements and specifications in terms of interoperability of the Hospital Future Act In addition, you can create the perfect conditions for all your other digitialization projects of the future.


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