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IBM and vitagroup build a pioneering clinical data platform in catalonia

Ground-breaking project

Together with IBM and other strong partners, vitagroup will provide a full end-to-end clinical data platform that unifies and homogenises the electronic health record for the entire Catalonia region serving more than 7.5 million inhabitants.


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20+ years of innovation

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Twenty-three ago, vitagroup was ahead of its time as a digitalisation pioneer. We have gained valuable experience and knowledge during this time, which we now translate into practical, system-relevant solutions.

Open Data – Open Mind

Pioneering healthcare solutions with Health Intelligence

By using our specialist expertise to harness the power of technology to benefit people, we are bridge builders to a new era of healthcare. We incorporate everything we learn into our open platform for intelligent healthcare solutions, paving the way for others to join us on this journey.

Health Intelligence - Beyond human abilities

Health Intelligence.
Beyond human abilities.

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